About Me

First of all, I admit my English is not an excellent one ( Can't be compared to people who studied on International College/University or took English course)
So I try to write this in English to practice the language.

My hobby is reading, watching, listening and thinks..
Anime n Manga is my favorite..
I really love to play games, especially RPG and RTS.
But now, my time is very limited, even to play a single game from start to end I don't have much time to finish that! So, I decided to play an FPS or an Action games because they don't take a whole of my time.
I love watching western movies and serial because it can inspired me, same like Anime too. They've full of moral message.
I also like to watch asian drama tv series(japan, korean, taiwan) because it is funny and entertaining :)
But I don't follow the series as much as I did on anime.

The most genres I like are Science Fiction, Mystery, Detective, Action and Horror.
I love to watch some Drama movies too!

I have a big interest in Japan (Anime - Manga), Techonlogy trends and Computer Stuffs.

I want to be neutral as possible as I can (objective) and become an example of good and faith people.
Good people always help people without cares about his/her social, culture, ethnic, race or religion.
That's what my belief teach me how to become a "person".

Ok, that's all for a while :P