Saturday, October 22, 2011

How To Use Power Forms JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Recently, I have been developed application using Power Form in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.
Maybe you are a JD Edwards developer and try to create customize forms using "Power Form". Then, this is a good article to start knowing about that (although you can read from manual in Oracle site but can be a little confusing :p )

I assume you have the basic JD Edwards Technical Skills and knowledge in creating form (such as Headerless and Header Detail form) before you read this.

In my opinion the advantages (pro) and cons if using power form:

The pros:

  1. You can add several irrelated data (different Business View) grid with Subform while other forms can't.
  2. You can also add different object application (Pxxxx object form / reuseable form) in this Power Form with Subform alias.
  3. User don't need to go from link to link to browse or edit related data/table.
The cons:
  1. This form could be slower than the other forms (headerless or header detail), depend on how many Subform are created.
  2. Power form only run on the web.
  3. Power form can be a little confusing for develop.
There's two type of power form:
Browse and Edit.
Browse are only for search and browse, more likely a select and search form.
Edit are for revise or create data, more likely a headerless form.

Okay the basic creation is like this:

  • Create the Power Browse / Edit Form.
  • Create a Standard Subform / Reuseable Subform.
  • Create a Mapping Link.
  • Using Power Forms System Functions and Event Rules
  • Creating Grid

  1. I’ve assumed that you have two tables (for sample only) linked by its FK and PK, say the keys are DOCO, DCTO, KCOO. 
  2. For table 1, it has DELN, AN8, ALPH and for table 2, it has LNID, ITM, LITM, DESC.
  3. Choose Power EDIT form and insert a subform (reusable or embedded, depends on your design).
  4. Attach Header BV to Power form and detail BV to subform. (procedure is similar to any form). Make sure the Parent are right (I think it will only be one available because you now only have 1 subform).
  5. Check if subform datastructure has DOCO, DCTO, KCOO in it (I think there will be there because they are Primary Keys) if not, just add them. The purpose is to receive subform interconnect values.
  6. In properties of Power form, select tab “Mapping links”. Check whether proper subform is selected in “Link To” combo box. Assign the correspond keys field/variable of power form which would contain keys values and needs to be passed to subform. You can select the proper direction "Link To Parent", "Link To Child" or "Link To Child and Back To Parent" symbol.
  7. Use system function “Notify Child” to pass control and data to subform. Most probably you would like to use this function in “Post dialog is initialized” event of Power Form.
  8. Once this function is executed, an event “Notified by Parent” would be invoked in subform.
  9. Assign Subform interconnect values (SI DOCO for example) to the filter fiield on subform. This would show all the detail records on subform.
  10. The detail records would be shown out if Automatic find on entry property is set on the grid of subform, otherwise you must do step 11.
  11. Add/insert manually "Push Button FIND" on the subform and add System Function "Press Button" FIND in the "Notified by Parent" event of Subform.
  12. Make it hidden if you don't want user to see.
There are additional step if you want the Grid detail to be save to table if edited/added record.
  1. Insert a Push button with default functionality of “Save” on subform and Hide it if necessary.
  2. On Power form’s (Parent forms) OK button’s assign system function “Trigger Default Child Action” and choose SAVE button of subform. This would save the detail record along with header record. (there are other methods as well)
Okay that's all for a while, because maybe this will be the last basic tutorial of JD Edwards from me.
Hope it helps you

If anything wrong, feel free to inform me.
You can also get a complete overview for creating power form in powerpoint.
Just feel free to ask and comment.


  1. hi yosep...
    first of all, congratulations for the explanation about Power Form. It helped me. I'd like to ask if you have more informations about Power Form? I'm new in this field, and I'd like to increase my knowledge about this powerful tool. If you know any doc or any information, pls my e-mail is:

    Thank you very much.

    1. Hi sorry Diego,

      I can't find out my own created powerpoint for Power Form. I though I was lost it in my old notebook. Right now, Im also not in this field anymore. sorry for all of this.

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