Saturday, May 19, 2012

About Color Banding

Do you know about Color banding?

If you are working in design animation, video rendering, digital coloring and its friends, you must know well about this, otherwise you may unfamiliar with this. The only reason I post about this one because somehow it is interested me.

After read about the newest video encoding in 10bit depth, I accidentally know about what is the color banding is. I get this from watching my favorite anime with 10bit depth encoding. That's how I get know about color banding.

Color Banding sample

Banding happens when video is compressed or decompressed and similar colors get posterized. This undesirable, visible bands of color that can be distracting, and in some cases downright ugly. It can happen in many situation, like video, picture or games. If it is in a small area, we wont notice and nobody got annoyed. But if we see in a large area, a large screen, it will very-very disturbing our eyes.

There are quite a few ways to remove color banding. Everyone seems to have their own formula.And for those kind of matters, I dont have any knowledge to explain it in here.

Just collecting notes and sharing.. Please let me know if there are wrong statements in this article or a copy-paste one.

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